Center for Wound Healing

Conway Medical Center is proud to house the Center for Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine.  Our team offers expert care to help promote healing of chronic wounds and help improve your quality of life. This center is the first of its kind in Horry County and has two state-of-the-art hyperbaric oxygen chambers.  CMC's Center for Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine has been recognized as a Robert A. Warriner III, M.D., Center of Excellence by Healogics, Inc.  Learn more about this recognition.

Our services include treatment for diabetic ulcers, neuropathic ulcers, venous insufficiency, traumatic wounds, surgical wounds, vasculitis, burns, peristomal skin irritations, ischemic ulcers and other chronic, non-healing wounds.

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During the summer months diabetics are more prone to foot infections and injuries.  Learn some valuable information to keep your feet healthy during the upcoming months.

Simple Effective Treatment To Help You Heal

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a simple but effective treatment in which the patient breathes pure oxygen inside a pressurized chamber.  The therapy quickly delivers high concentrations of oxygen to the bloodstream which helps increase the body's own natural wound-healing abilities.

It also helps fight certain types of infections, improves circulation and stimulates the growth of new blood vessels.  Therapy is administered daily, and the number of therapies the patient receives depends on the individual treatment plan and diagnosis.

A Safe, Comfortable Procedure

The chamber has clear sides through which the patient can see their surroundings, and is in a comfortable treatment room equipped with TV and videos.  Inside the chamber, the pressure is gradually increased and then the temperature will temporarily rise.

Treatment sessions may last two hours; many patients simply relax or even sleep while receiving this beneficial therapy.

Treatment Tailored To Your Needs

Because every patient's wound is unique, there will be a thorough diagnostic exam to identify the type of wound each patient has and its underlying cause.  A program specifically tailored to the patient's needs will be started based on the most effective approach, which may include:

* Vascular evaluation
* Debridement
* Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
* Laboratory evaluation
* Infectious disease management
* Physical therapy
* Nutritional management
* Pain management
* Diabetic education
* Nuclear medicine
* Radiology 

Our staff will set up regular appointments for your visits to the Center for Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine and give you all of the information you need to take care of your wound at home between visits.  Keeping your appointments and following wound care instructions are essential to healing your wound, so let us know whenever you have questions about your treatment plan.




For more information call 843-347-8347.