About Subacute

Subacute care, as part of the health care continuum, is designed specifically for patients who can benefit from the provision of nursing and rehabilitation care following an acute illness.

Subacute care is a level of care needed by a patient who does not require hospital acute care, but who requires more intensive skilled nursing care than is provided to the majority of patients in a skilled nursing facility. Patients may receive up to three hours of therapy each day depending on their plan of care. The primary goal of subacute care is to help the patient return home as safely and quickly as possible.

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Our Team

Subacute care is provided by a team of professional health care givers who focus on the medical, psychosocial and rehabilitative needs of patients following hospitalization for an acute illness or condition. Our care team works together with each patient and family to enable them to learn and grown while recovering in a facility that values their individuality.  

Programs & Services

Affiliated with Conway Medical Center, Medstar Subacute Facility provides patients with intensive skilled rehabilitation and nursing service for the journey back home. Physical, occupational, and speech therapies are provided five or six days per week, as indicated by the patient’s plan of care. Care partners allow their Medstar patients to function in an environment where the patient's choice and individuality is honored.