At Conway Medical Center, we stay focused on what is important – you and your family. We do all that we can to provide an optimal healing environment for each and every patient entrusted to our care. That is why we have hospitalists on staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide consistent, ongoing care from admission to discharge.

What is a Hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a physician who specializes in caring for patients while they are in the hospital. These physicians work closely with your primary care physician to provide the best care and treatment plans for you while you are hospitalized. During your hospital stay, your hospitalist will communicate with your primary care physician to discuss your treatment needs and help provide for your follow-up care.

What is the difference between a Hospitalist and a Primary Care Physician?

A hospitalist is a physician who works in the hospital setting only. They are responsible for patient care from admission to discharge. A primary care physician provides ongoing care for patients in an office setting.

When do I see the Hospitalist?

Hospitalists will visit you in your room daily and more often if needed throughout your hospital stay and direct your care with the rest of the hospital team – nurses, therapists, and other specialists. Hospitalists can order tests, blood work, medications, and other services needed to diagnose and treat you.

When do I see my Primary Care Physician?

Your primary care physician will resume your care once you are discharged from the hospital.  Your patient information regarding your hospitalization is readily available to your primary care physician and/or physicians you deem appropriate in accordance with established HIPAA guidelines.

What are the benefits of using a Hospitalist?

Since hospitalist work only in the hospital setting, they are readily available to assist patients and their families and answer any questions they may have. And most importantly, they can continually monitor a patient’s progress, follow up on test results and make quick treatment decisions based on the patient’s condition and/or test results. This results in a smooth and speedy recovery process.

Conway Medical Center is committed to bringing better health to life. If you have any questions regarding our hospitalist program, please contact our office at 843-347-1523.

Hear Dr. Vuppala, Medical Director for the Hospitalists's Program, discuss the role of the hospitalist.